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CFBuilder 2 Performance Problems on Windows 7 64-bit Solved

For those of you that continue to experience hangs and massive slowdowns running CFB on Windows 7 64bit, the one thing I found that made all the difference in the world is to have Eclipse use the jvm.dll rather than javaw.exe (the default). I’m using the CFB plugin into Eclipse, but I suspect this may also apply to CFB standalone on Win7 64bit as well.

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DBX 10.1.12 Released

This update allows DBX to display included columns when enumerating indexes for tables. Based off the sp_helpindex2 stored procedure from

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Helpful Spelling Tip

Been a long time since I’ve posted, mostly since no one except spammers bother to come to the site, but I’ve finally had it and had to vent into the ether before my head explodes.

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DBX 10.1.11 Released

A bug fix and a minor change:

– fixed miscalculation of total in database/table info pane
– changed sort in extended properties tab for 2005/2008 tables/views to match the ordinal position of the column