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 Thursday, April 17, 2014  
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Welcome To The Ancient Coin Store

Special Discounted Ancient Coins Welcome to the Ancient Coin Store, my labor of love to share my interest in ancient coins with people just like you!

As a retired college art professor, I have had many years to develop a definitive interest in ancient coins, primarily those from the ancient Roman and Greek periods. Cleaning and attributing the coins is both fascinating and rewarding, and I hope my enjoyment of ancient numismatics is contagious. Ancient Coin Store specializes in Roman and Greek coins however, on occasion, you may find a rare coin or artifact from other cultures and periods. Bookmark our site and return often as we are constantly expanding our coin offerings.

While ancient coin collecting can be thought of as an investment, there is a far greater reward in collecting ancient coins. Coins are "witnesses" to the past and have aesthetic value beyond their monetary value as collectibles. Of any given coin, only a limited amount were actually made, never to be made again. Many of these coins are scarce or very rare and are sought after by museums and private collectors alike. The fact that fewer coins were minted in ancient times, coupled with the enormous history associated with them, makes them much more rare and valuable than contemporary coins.

Ancient Coin Store - ancient roman and greek coins and antiquities, great finds and bargains alike! Greek and Roman citizens would bury their coins for safekeeping, much in the same way as we today place our money in the bank for safekeeping. Soldiers and citizens often buried their coins before battle, and as people were driven from their lands or even worse, killed, the coins would remain where they lay for hundreds or even thousands of years and more.

Today, archaelogical excavations as well as individuals searching these cities and ancient battle grounds yield great finds. Conditions of preservation vary drastically, from coins preserved in clay and stoneware jars to those found directly in the soil. The Ancient Coin Store does not sell "bulk" or "unattributed" lots of coins, but only the finest treasures available. Painstakingly restored and attributed, we offer only true works of art for you the collector. Start sharing our enjoyment of ancient collecting by checking our Current Offerings for a full listing of all of our available coins.

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